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Bond Street Montessori is a family owned Montessori Long Day Care Centre conveniently located close to Bridge Point Shopping centre and Middle Harbour Public School in Mosman. We provide the highest quality childcare services combined with a Montessori based Early Learning environment and program.

Set in a beautifully renovated federation property with generous playgrounds surrounded by mature trees, we exceed National Regulation requirements of outdoor play space to create a wonderful environment for our children and staff.

Through our highly trained/qualified staff, we deliver a Montessori program that is tailored to the child’s individual needs and interests, develops and fulfils their natural talents, ability and their unique desire to learn/absorb.

We exceed the required staff/child ratio in all age groups to ensure our teachers have the capacity to provide the required individual guidance and care.

Testimonials from our parents at Bond St

"To whom it may concern, My son, William Holden, has attended Bond Street Montessori since the first day it opened in 2010. As the longest standing pupil at the centre I can happily say Will has thrived under the care of the teachers and within the community of parents and children associated with Bond Street. Bond Street has small class sizes and a focus on quality experience for the children. The teachers instil kindness and show respect and esteem for the children, whilst maintaining routine and order and teaching life skills that encourage responsibility and self awareness. The calm and focus the Montessori system extends to the learning environment has helped my son to develop confidently.

The teachers strive to engage each child with their own particular interests and for William this has allowed him to explore his love of Nature and animals by pursuing different projects and sharing learning books. The teachers created a nature table for found objects for him to study. He has become a confident speaker as he is encouraged him to talk about his interests during news each day. William has also enjoyed extra curricula activities including sports and French lessons. He is motivated by this extra stimulation and I believe it has assisted in his school readiness.

There is plenty of time for play and the environment at Bond Street is always rich and changing. The staff find projects and themes for the children so they a engaged in the changing seasons by growing plants and caring for animals. They celebrate multi cultural events in the calendar and learn about the wider world around them. The generous learning environment extends also to parents. The centre regularly puts on evening courses, bringing in experts in child development to share their experience in non-violent communication, encouraging problem solving and supporting the parental network.

Both William and I have made firm friends through Bond Street and this now extends into life outside of kindergarten. Bond Street is more than a kindergarten. It's a community that cares. We feel blessed our son has had the opportunity to spend his formative years in this creative and caring environment. Sincerely,"
Karina Holden Fairlight, NSW

"It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Bond Street Montessori Early Learning Centre. My daughter Zoe began attending Bond Street Montessori when she was 2.5 years old, just after the centre opened in 2011. She is now almost 5 years old and made great progress through the years. Also the centre continuously progressed and improved through these years, e.g. new classroom set ups, class set up and organisation including class structures.

The environment and philosophy of Montessori is exactly what we find is important for our child, and the Bond Street Montessori is exceeding all our expectations. Carefully designed, bright classrooms and quality, mostly timber material, lovely outdoor spaces and away from traffic. Furthermore, independent and group work and the concentration time during the morning hours create self confidence and encourage communication and problem solving skills and helped Zoe’s development and trusting in herself and others. Also the fact, that each child learns to be responsible for certain tasks and is involved in helping and be respectful to other children and materials, is very important for us and continuous improvement from Zoe is obvious.

Play- and outdoor time is yet another great part of the day for my daughter, who likes being physically active. Especially the sports program, which is provided by the centre, is absolutely fantastic. The opportunity to try out such a variety of different sports with professional coaches is amazing for Zoe. Jess Fieten and all the stuff are highly professional, warm and caring personalities. Zoe is very happy with all the teachers and they show great enthusiasm and patience with all the children. I always find the calm atmosphere and the way they communicate with the children very appealing, it is truly a nice and pleasant environment to be in where Zoe feels very comfortable as well.

Nothing makes my day more special than seeing Zoe in a great mood and flashing a big smile when I pick her up. I strongly recommend Bond Street Montessori and appreciate the opportunity for Zoe to be part of this place."
Anita Widmer

"The Bond Street Team under the leadership of Director Jess Fieten is an extremely talented and capable group of childcare professionals who perform their duties conscientiously and with great care and compassion. The Bond Street Team is reliable and trustworthy, and has always interacted well with both our children and us as parents

. I have observed on multiple occasions the staff’s patience, advocacy, knowledge and skills; as well as their maturity, dedication, and compassion when caring for our daughters. In addition, the staff consistently displays self direction, commitment, clear decision making ability, and a willingness to acquire new skills and knowledge.

I have no hesitation in recommending Bond Street Montessori Mosman as a childcare provider. Please do not hesitate to contact me as needed."
Lucy Thompson

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