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Our programs respond to the children’s interests in an enjoyable, stimulating and fun way. Their inherent love of learning is encouraged with the opportunity to be spontaneous and to engage in meaningful activities. Each child works at their own pace and rhythm according to their individual capabilities.

The holistic curriculum, under the guidance of a specially prepared educator, allows each child to experience the joy of learning and time to enjoy the process. All the children are continually observed and activities are planned on a daily basis. Children learn through the Montessori prepared environment which covers the areas of:

Practical Life

In this area children develop their fine and gross motor skills and independence through work with activities such as pouring, polishing, spooning and self-care.


The child learns to understand the world around them through their senses. Each of the materials isolates one defining quality and assists the child in grasping abstract concepts like weight, length, colour and shape through emphasis of that quality.


Mathematical concepts are learned through the manipulation of concrete materials.


The materials are designed to encourage the acquisition of new vocabulary, to promote muscular control for writing and to learn the shape of the letters and associated sounds.

Socialisation and Grace and Courtesy

Children are taught, through modelling and role-playing, the steps required to build awareness and responsiveness towards those around them.


Through sensory experience and the use of imaginative stories, children in the Montessori environment learn about their physical world.


Children are natural observers and our materials and curriculum encourage exploration of the environment through the senses, language and experimentation. The daily program also includes spontaneous group work, circle time, creative activities such as collage, art mediums, music, drama and manipulative experiences as well as gross motor activities.

These experiences help to meet the needs of the children in all areas of development – thinking, communicating, social living and learning, a sense of self and others and a cultural understanding. The program varies each day but there is an overall routine that does not vary considerably. The routine fosters security, while the changes in the experiences offered encourage flexibility and resilience.

We follow an anti-bias curriculum in our programs and a non-discriminatory access policy for people using our services.
We constantly reflect on and update our teaching values and strategies and strive for quality improvement in accordance with the National Quality Standard. 


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